Year Round Mare Care

There are 10 paddocks all planted with Giant Bermuda equipped with underground drip irrigation. All of these paddocks are 1100' long giving plenty of room for your mares and babies to run. All paddocks are fenced with pipe fencing, with 3 rails between paddocks and 4 rails on the entire peremeter.

Your mares will not only be on these grass pastures, but will always have free choice alfalfa, as well as 6 pounds of grain a day for dry mares, yearlings, & babies. All nursing mares get 12 pounds of grain a day. Our grain is specially made for us by Hi Pro Feed Mills, and is a mixture of 1/2 cracked corn, 1/2 rolled oats, and a gallon of vegetable oil per ton.

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Our main focus is on foaling mares. We have been doing this since our inception in 1999, with our first foaling crop in 2000. We have excellent vet care only minutes away. Dr. Leonard Blach and Dr. Kevin Blach are our veterinarians that are on call for any and all foaling problems that may occur.

Each foal receives oxygen for several minutes upon delivery, along with a regimen of medications. This includes 5cc of Penicillin, Tetanus Antitoxin, a tube of  Equine Endotox (e-Coli paste), 50cc of IgG orally, an enema, and we treat the navel 3 times a day for the first 3 days. The babies are monitored by the veterinarians for the first several days.

On of our primary features of our foaling program, is surveillance cameras. We have one main foaling barn and it is equipped with 24 cameras. There are 16 stalls in this barn and the foaling stalls are 16' x 16'. There is an app available for smart phones where you can check in anytime and check on your mare, then you can also watch the foaling process, as well as watch your baby stand and nurse.

We also have a guest house available for owners who wish to be present when their mare delivers. Providing that she gives us enough warning, we have lots of owners who have gotten to be present for the delivery.

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A new service we have recently added is our breeding program.  We have 5 Thoroughbred stallions and we are very proud of each and every one of them.


Silver Wagon

Artful Run

Right Rigger

Seeking The Cat

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Training Program

This is also a new addition to our services offered here at HunterCreek Farms.  We have a small track where we will start your babies under saddle.  Our head trainer is Jorge Najera.  He has been training race horses for years and gets amazing results.   Our head rider is Pepe Chavez, who also has many years of experience.  We don't do any gate training, just the basics of teaching them to go with the pony horse and gallop on the track.